Calvin Chee - Environmental Artist

Beehive kickstart Festival 2013

Commissioned by Propel in 2013 for the Kickstart Festival, the Beehive stretches over thirty meters and was constructed out of plastic compounds. The inflatable sculpture draws a comparison between the working class man and the worker bee. The colours used reinforce this comparison, prominently featuring bright yellow which is present in both high-visibility workwear and the colouration of bees. The sculpture showcases how similar we actually are to humble insect.

The form of the Beehive also provides an interactive analogy that explores how the journey may be more meaningful than the destination. The sculpture focuses our thoughts and views on what could actually be coming round the corner and in the end we will always be surprised.

Collaboration Artist: Calvin Chee & Matt Mcveigh

Location: Perth Cultural Centre

Materials: Plastic Composites