Calvin Chee - Environmental Artist

Curiosity Shop Puppet Show

A series of five puppets were brought to life to animate the story of the Curiosity Shop. The artist created a bossy, backlit Victorian chair with an animated face who was the matriarch of the shop, a kindly granny gnome who could blink and talk, a grumpy talking gumboot who was not so secretly missing it's partner, as well as two animated props.

Along with a creating the puppets, a rustic library set and backdrop was designed and built. The painted backdrop would then broaden in to a vanishing scenescape of a dark forest.

This theatre displays a range of Calvin's skills, including backdrop painting, set design, mould making, electronic animation, utilising recycled materials and construction.

Designer & Artist: Calvin Chee

Location: Scitech, West Perth

Materials: Composites, fibreglass, wood