Calvin Chee - Environmental Artist

Canival Pinball Machine

Commissioned by Switch your thinking, through a Coca Cola Foundation and Keep Australia Beautiful Beverage Container Recycling Grant, The Canival Aluminium Can Pinball Recycling Machine aims to help educate and change the publicís view on how important it is to recycle aluminium cans.

The purpose built machine, breaks into two halves for easy transport and travels around Perth events showcasing recycling as well as doubling as an interactive active which the public can join in. The machine uses a slingshot that catapults crushed cans through a series of used recycled stainless steel gas canisters. The Canival can be leased for any events through the Switch your thinking team at the City of Gosnells.

Artist and Designer: Calvin Chee

Location: City of Gosnels

Materials: Foamalux, rubber