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Calvin Chee - Environmental Artist

Artist History

Based in Western Australia, Malaysian born artist Calvin Chee has been practicing art for over ten years. His practice utilises everyday materials and objects which are transformed into artworks of extraordinary beauty or unusual function. Calvin's practice includes sculpture, painting, public art, fashion, illustration, puppetry and event management.

Calvin is particularly passionate about engaging in projects which build capacity of the youth and disabled members of the community and their support organisations. His community involvement has allowed him to work with the public to build their understanding and involvement in the arts, as well as change public perceptions about who can participate in art and recycling.

Calvin's work exposes that mankind is inextricably linked to nature yet preoccupied with by synthetic materials, which are often at odds with each other. Recurring themes in Calvin's artwork include society's need to consume less and to conserve more and the material barriers society places between ourselves and our natural environment.